A Biblical Theology of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

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A Biblical Theology of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Marko Juriček ; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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This article will discuss the issue of the baptism of the Holy Spirit: what it is, how is it manifested, and what are its fruits. In the introduction, the problem and the questions pertaining to the Holy Spirit baptism are stated together with the thesis that will be tested. The thesis is that the baptism of the Holy Spirit biblically understood is a unique and unrepeatable event universal to all Christians, which happens instantaneously with salvation (when the believer is placed in Christ and joined to his body) and that this baptism is not marked by any immediate and special outward sign. First, this article will present different views on the doctrine of Holy Spirit baptism with historical
developments of the views. Then it will deal with biblical data, focusing on all major passages. Special attention will be given to the Book of Acts, and “the second blessing” theology, which is the crux of the doctrine. Then the relation of hermeneutics and experience will also be discussed. Finally, the conclusion and the practical implications of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and biblical admonishments for the Christian life will be given.

Holy Spirit baptism (baptism in the Holy Spirit); filling with the Spirit; Promise of the Father; delayed blessing; second blessing; subsequence

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