Theosis in Discipleship: Becoming Godlike Disciples

Review article

Theosis in Discipleship: Becoming Godlike Disciples

Goran Medved ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the ‘Aurel Vlaicu’ University of Arad

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page 57-64


If we establish that the meaning of theosis is to become like God through the process of becoming like Christ, and if the goal of discipleship is to become like Christ, then it becomes evident that these two concepts are closely related. The article briefly explains the concepts of discipleship and theosis, and the most common evangelical discipleship setting (one-on-one or small group). Then it suggests four modules for teaching theosis in a discipleship setting: created to be Godlike, Godlikeness lost, restoring Godlikeness, and becoming fully Godlike. This model brings together theosis and discipleship which provides a new and helpful approach for raising Christlike/Godlike disciples.


theosis, discipleship, evangelicals, Christlikeness, Godlikeness

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