Christians Facing the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence


Christians Facing the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Stanko Jambrek ; The Biblical Institute, Zagreb

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The development of artificial intelligence technology is, on the one hand, the fulfillment of God’s task given to humanity (Genesis 1 and 2), and on the other hand, in humans’ desire to be like God, it is a rebellion against God (Genesis 3:5). Therefore, Christians face numerous challenges in their relationship with artificial intelligence systems. These challenges can be categorized into two fundamental groups. The first group includes challenges where Christians have and will have the choice of responsible use of AI systems, while the second group consists of AI systems controlled by powerful corporations or by AI systems themselves. The text provides a brief introduction and overview of the levels of artificial intelligence development (ANI, AGI, and ASI) and the relationship of Christians towards them. The central part of the discussion is dedicated to the spiritual evaluation of AI systems and tools, especially those that have spiritual consequences in their application. The process of comprehensive spiritual evaluation must be rooted in the Word of God and guided by the Holy Spirit, and the quality of the spiritual evaluation of AI systems for Christians will come as a result of their daily relationship with God. Regarding artificial intelligence, the most important task of the church today and tomorrow is to train and educate believers in AI literacy and biblical-spiritual literacy so that they can independently and effectively make decisions in all situations involving the use of AI systems, machines, and applications. The final section of this article brings an evaluation of the development and application of AI concerning goals that oppose God, such as creating eternal life and god-like machines.


artificial intelligence; ANI; AGI; ASI; goals in AI development; Christians and AI; evaluation of AI

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