Christology in John’s Gospel as a Trigger for Discipleship

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Christology in John’s Gospel as a Trigger for Discipleship

Ervin Budiselić orcid id ; The Biblical Institute, Zagreb

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This article discusses the relationship between Christology and discipleship. It argues that Christology is the driving force, or trigger, behind becoming a disciple of Jesus and can also be used to revitalize existing disciples. The first part of the article examines the use of the term mathētēs, asking the question, “Who is directly or indirectly called a disciple of Jesus?” The second part explores concepts related to discipleship, which provides a basis for the third part of the article, which delves into why someone becomes a disciple of Jesus, i.e., questions of motivation. Since the topic is extensive, this section will only focus on the parts of the Gospel that contain explicit Christological titles and where the response to Jesus is positive. Since, in the Gospel of John, Christology is the means of initiating discipleship, the fourth part analyzes whether the main message of the gospel is centered on Christology or soteriology and how different messages impact discipleship. The article concludes
that the Gospel of John emphasizes Christology as the center of its message rather than focusing on man’s fallen state and need for salvation. It also states that Christology triggers discipleship and plays a crucial role in motivating believers to commitment, zeal, sanctification, and sacrificial service within the Church today.


John’s Gospel; Christology; discipleship; gospel; soteriology; believe; sin

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