Marriage and Marital Disputes in the Old Testament

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Marriage and Marital Disputes in the Old Testament

Danijel Berković   ORCID icon ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb

Fulltext: pdf (235 KB) pg. 173-193

In the introduction, the author emphasizes the significance and the importance of the narrative nature of the Old Testament text. This is with the purpose of emphasizing the directness and openness of the Old Testament narrative, where realistic life issues are openly and unapologetically discussed in the form of a story. Consequently, this raises the issues of understanding marriage and the marital union in the text and context of the Old Testament. The vocabulary and the language are analyzed. In the second part of the paper, the author focuses on the problems pertaining to marital and family communities; to marital disputes as we see them in the OT, using several Biblical marriages and the challenges they faced as examples.

Bible; Old Testament; marriage; marital disputes

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