What Would Jesus do in a Distance Learning Mode of Teaching?

Professional paper

What Would Jesus do in a Distance Learning Mode of Teaching?

Maja Seguin   ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0003-0990-9977 ; Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek

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Several pedagogical considerations come with the transition from traditional to virtual teaching, and it is necessary to provide teachers with a potential approach to teaching and learning. This article gives an overview of the teaching methods Jesus used with a focus on parables, highlights the modern constructivist approach to teaching, and singles out characteristics of constructivism in Jesus’ teaching model. Combined, this presents a basis for practical advice in today’s context of online teaching, respectively in a virtual setting. The article highlights characteristics of Jesus as a teacher which present-day teachers can apply to their contexts and finishes with suggestions for further research.

parable; constructivist approach to teaching; distance (online) teaching; online learning

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